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Corporate Breakfast

Below is a list of our catered breakfast food items, ideal for early morning meetings or working brunch.
Delivered and served Auckland wide for your next team breakfast.Choose from classics like our bacon and egg muffin, or go healthy with mixed berry, yoghurt and fruit.We also deliver fruit platters and gluten free options are available with most products.
Choose your corporate breakfast from the selection below and we will deliver Auckland wide.
Croissants - Breakfast
NZ $5.50  excl GST
Flavours  Bacon & Egg
 Smoked salmon
Croissants with jam
NZ $3.75  excl GST
English Breakfast Muffin
NZ $4.95  excl GST
Bacon & egg open filo pie
NZ $4.50  excl GST
Muesli cup with berry yoghurt
NZ $7.00  excl GST
NZ $5.95  excl GST
Breakfast Panini
NZ $7.75  excl GST
options  regular
 gluten free
Breakfast wraps
NZ $7.50  excl GST
options  regular
 gluten free
Fruit Platter
NZ $5.00  excl GST
Fruit kebab
NZ $3.70  excl GST
Danish Pastry
NZ $3.80  excl GST
options  Regular
 Gluten free
Muffins - small
NZ $2.70  excl GST
Flavour  Sweet
 Gluten Free sweet
 Gluten Free Savoury
Blueberry and Bran Muffin
NZ $2.50  excl GST
Breakfast fruit salad with yoghurt
NZ $7.00  excl GST
Breakfast Frittata
NZ $6.50  excl GST
Bircher Muesli
NZ $7.50  excl GST

Corporate Catering in Auckland

Here at Appresso we endeavour to supply you with corporate catering that will not disappoint. Our sandwiches and salads are made fresh daily then sent out to you with one of our friendly delivery drivers. Arriving at your workplace plattered and ready to eat.

Appresso is an Auckland catering company that makes and delivers corporate catering with a no hassles approach to ordering and delivery. We can supply gourmet rolls complete with fresh and flavourful fillings, handmade sausage rolls and after-lunch sweet treats. The corporate catering provided by Appresso is something to be enjoyed by all your staff and corporate clients.

We provide Auckland businesses with top class catering whenever they need it. You can order online right now or get in contact with our team to discuss our options and what would work best for your business!


Our Corporate Catering Services

When we say “we deliver”, it’s more than a time of delivery statement, it’s an affirmation of our company’s mission statement. With Appresso Catering’s impressive range of corporate catering options, you and your staff can have a delicious and varied menu to choose from. Not only this, but the team at Appresso are dedicated to providing an exceptional standard of service, making your catering experience all the more pleasurable.


Contact Us for Further Enquiries

If you want to find out more about the Appresso corporate catering options, simply get in contact with our friendly team. Give us a call on 09 415 6566 or send us a message via our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require.

Ordering Hours:
Online -  Anytime (Next Day Delivery Has a 2pm Cutoff)
Office Hours
0900 - 1500

Order Today For Delivery Tomorrow
Our passion is crafting fabulous food that not only looks divine, but is fresh with outstanding flavours to match.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best possible food & service.