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A Tale of Three Sisters

At the end of 2004, we received a phone call from Chris Watson, desperately trying to find a Caterer for her daughter Rachels wedding, to be held In Pataua the following February. She had been let down by the person she had already chosen, and contacted us hoping we were able to help.

So began a long and successful relationship with the Watson Family and AppressoFresh Catering Company. Three weddings later, we have married all the daughters, Rachel & Brendan, then older sister Jane & Al, and finally  Rachel's twin sister Sarah and Martin.

Each of the weddings posed it's own uniques set of challenges; two were held on the beach front at Pataua North, a beautiful (but windy) sweep of white sandy beach on the Whangarei Coast, and Janes wedding was set in the beautiiful park-like gardens of Chris & Tom Watson's Manu home. The kitchen for all of them was the garage, and by the time Sarah's wedding came along, Tom had become an expert in the fitting out of a makeshift cooking space - in fact there was nothing that we were lacking - from plenty of chiller space to hot running water! In a garage!! I think we had become a bit of a challenge for him too!

All three events were different; Rachel's and Brendan's was a buffet style, with guests choosing from one of three different main courses, while the other two were plated and plattered to the guests at the table.

It has been a pleasure to work with the Watson Family over the years, and we felt very hounoured when we were asked to do the last wedding! Unfortunately now we have married all the daughters, we'll have to wait for some wedding anniversarys, christening etc for more work!!!
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